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HELLO!!!! And welcome to #TRIVIA-TAVERN! I created this room some time ago and never really used it for much except to escape from the lunitics on AOL. It's a medium I seldom use anymore. I have to much fun on MIRC! For those of you who don't know what MIRC is, it's a FREE chatroom based medium available for download at: --- We use chatnet and have a bot there called K9, that allows us to utilize our MIRC commands to keep the rooms smoothly running.

My name is John, but on MIRC, I go by CRITTY or MOUSE or some bizarre wolf name. The reason? Well my daughter calls me critty, I have no idea why, I like mice and most of all lycanthropy and the occult. Hence the wolf names. In the Celtic lands I would be know as Ian or Sean. Yes, I AM of British descent. It's a part of me heritage and I am proud to say it. For this reason you will see me in #BRITAIN and other related rooms while on MIRC.

I suppose now you want to hear about my boring personality and interests? Get a cup of cocoa and sit back and read, you will be to sleep soon. I live in the USA, work for our government here (sort of, what ME work?) and have a variety of interests. Most of you know that I am a musician. In time I will paste some of my mids here. I am working on other things to better that medium to bring it to of all places...HERE! I love all of the arts and participate in a majority of them. I am well known in my community for contributing to such. After that I love being with me family and making myself a role model for them. Yes in spite of what YOU may see...I really am a good person. I also cook, I love to cook, I always wanted to be a chef in some posh restaurant in New York, Paris or London. Hey a critty can dream can't he? LOL! Well my other interests are of no consequence here as they are pretty well, self indulgent. Enough said...

Oh, you asked why am I an american than? Well, once again, long ago, in the house of Critty and it's holdings, we were objected to by our political thinking. Paws were pointed, accusations made and we were forced to leave France to a better home. Once there, that being England of course, we quickly corrupted THAT royalty and again paws were pointed, homes were burned, people were forced to walk around furless, etc. It was simply again, we left. Now we are in the states. I give it just a few more years. That being said, for the time being, I am in the USA.

So anyway this is somewhat me....but most of you know that critty anyway...!!!

Critty is from Omaha, Nebraska, home of the Cornhuskers (we take our American footy very serious in this part of the woods....) At one time, Critty lived in New York and surrounding areas on the east coast. This is where he was heavily influenced by music, arts and cooking. Henceforth, my expertise and involvement in these interests. For those who NEED to know, I AM married, have two kids and a lovely Enjoy your stay in #TRIVIA-TAVERN all and above all, have fun! CRITTY

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